What is the Mohawk Valley Film Commission?

No matter the size or type of production that you are interested in filming know that The Stanley Theatre and its partners are here to make your production, life, and working experience in our area as enjoyable, simple, and exciting as possible.  Please be sure to check back with us on a regular basis as we are continuing to grow our resources daily.

Location Scouting

The Mohawk Valley region’s diverse landscape gives filmmakers a wide array of locations for cinematography.  From inner city, office, medical, correctional, time period, suburban, natural, and rural farmlands, we have the ability to create or replicate any type of location your production team is seeking.

Film Permits

When film production comes to certain areas of the region permits will be required.  We understand how difficult it can be to shoot in New York City and Los Angeles as permits are required to shoot in nearly every location.  We make it easy and fair to acquire permission to film in most any location you envision for your film. If you need streets blocked, police escorts, parking spaces set aside; we’ll walk you through the application process and turn everything around promptly.


Something that makes production in Upstate attractive is the availability of your below-the-line labor and, in some cases, above-the-line for productions.  We have qualified camera, sound, lighting, grips, gaffers, hair, makeup, wardrobe, carpenters, and production assistants available to help make your production not only easier to manage, but a family-like experience.  There are also five colleges nearby with students looking to gain real experience in the industry.


The Mohawk Valley region has a large pool of local talent for on-camera extras and even speaking roles.  We also have connections with local theater groups, including Players of Utica, and drama clubs in local colleges.

Post Production

Utica boasts video post-production companies that will assist you through the post-production process.  We have companies that utilize the latest editing systems and are also Adobe-certified experts.


Numerous hotels, restaurants, and car services work with The Stanley Theatre to provide visiting film companies catering and discounted rates.  If long-term stay is needed, real estate professionals can assist with apartment or home rentals, furnished or unfurnished.


Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.